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Table Pr0n!!!.

Table Pr0n!!!
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This community has been created for the table group at De Anza college, but anyone is welcom to join. A warning: We are a bunch of sick, perverted people, so do not be shocked or disgusted by what you see here.

The Rules of this community are as follows:

1. We fully support the First Amendment. That covers four basic freedoms.

Freedom of Religion. This is the first freedom listed in the First Amendment (yes, it comes before speech and press). That means that our Founding Fathers thought it was the most important. What it basically means is, everyone's allowed to choose their own philosophy. It doesn't mean that talk about religion will not be tolerated. It doesn't mean that your views will not be ridiculed or questioned. It just means that you are allowed to have those views.

Freedom of Speech. After all, what good is the freedom to think what you want to if you can't say it? I think that's all I need to say here.

Freedom of Press. Yes, we can and will write whatever we want. Inflammnatory remarks are allowed.

Freedom to Assemble Peaceably. Well, we do gather in the cafeteria, after all.

2. If you are offended, don't read it.

3. Images will please be put behind a < lj-cut > tag, please.

4. Since I made this community, I can say it.... Carl is MINE!!!

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or suggestions, please contact me at thayett@addr.com or just talk to me at the table.

Welcome to Table Pr0n!!!